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This is  the exciting new page to keep you up to date with Madcatwoman Enterprises's work.  We like to call it the "work in progress" page.  Check in regularly to see what we are working on.

27th January 2015

*** New website coming soon ***

Some exciting changes will be coming shortly. All items will have free postage and packing/shipping and handling costs, no matter how much or little you order, it will ALWAYS be free postage costs.

There are going to be lots of new items for sale - earrings handmade here -in-house - in the UK

There will be a lot more gemstone products - both earrings and charm bracelets. also made in-house.

There will also be a new range of hair accessories which have been handmade, by Ellen Jaimie Designs. The current link to her gorgeous designs is:


Also coming are a great range of t-shirt designs, with wild and wacky slogans, available through our Zazzle site. Some of them can be found on our "Absinthe and Ambergris" Facebook page here:


Also follow our "Gemstone a Day" blog on Tumblr. Find us under the name Madcatwoman Enterprises or through the link here:


Also, our gemstone pages on Facebook:


23rd November 2013

New in: natural whole geodes.

Millions of years old, unopened, waiting for you to find what crystals are hiding inside.  Full instructions on opening will be provided.  These geodes can contain agate, quartz, calcite, amethyst or citrine, amongst other stones.

Around 10cms, give or take a centimeter or two (all are naturally different sizes), just £5.00 each.  You can find them under "chakra and tumbles".

27th April 2013

New earrings now available:

* gemstone chip earrings available in the gems section - including yellow opal, amethyst, opalite, etc.

* in the wholesale section - packs of 5 earrings - skulls, fairies, traffic lights etc.


6th December 2012

Due to popular demand, a new range of Pacman ghost earrings are now available.


26th November 2012

A new range of printed items are now available at Zazzle UK. You can access them here:

25th November 2012

We have some of our items now available for sale on Moonfruit. These can be found here:


and on the sister page:


24th October 2012

* Some new items under Fan Art (Union J items).

* A couple of new political humour items:

which can be found under "Miscellaneous".

And finally, some acrylic earrings, handmade by us here in the UK (not available anywhere else), which you can find under our "Cute n Kitsch" section. They are mainly between one and two cms (approx half an inch).Here's just a couple of them:

18th June 2012

There are some new Madcatwoman Enterprises ebooks available on the site, which will be added as time permits.  You will find these on the main menu under "ebooks".  These are free of charge for personal use only. For resale rights, please contact us at ebooks @ madcatwoman. co. uk (no spaces).

23rd April 2012

A whole new section created for Gay Pride/rainbow items.

9th March 2012

We have now got some new varieties of bracelets made from Fimo in the Cute n Kitsch range - cute little chickens,  teddy bears, as well as fruit bracelets (non-edible of course!) with apples, cherries and so on.

24th January 2012

The wholesale part of the site is now open.  We have some great Pride items here, ideal for resale at the Summer's best Gay Pride events.  Or maybe you just like rainbow patterns!

It is strictly for customers needing larger quantities of items than are available on our other pages.  It is password protected, so if you wish to access these special wholesale prices, please either use the "contact us" page, or email:

wholesale @ madcatwoman. co. uk 

and we will send the password (there are no spaces in the email address, we just have to type the address like that on the site to try to prevent our email address being harvested by hundreds of spammers).  

By going through a password-protection system, your customers aren't going to be able to know how much you paid for your stock.

20th October 2011

9th September 2011

We currently have increased our gemstone/tumblestone stock so we have around 100 different varieties of stone available at any one time and these are selling great especially in larger wholesale quantities of 20 and 100.  We are trying to get these online here as soon as we possibly can. We now have newbie stones available (and sometimes difficult to find stones) such as Laguna Agate, Selenite Roses, garnet, jet etc.

We have also increased our seller profile on eBay (username: madcatwomanenterprises), thanks to all our buyers because at the present time we have achieved Power Seller status and Top Rated Seller with 99.8% positive feedback rating of over 2,800. Our biggest problem with selling through eBay is people are expecting delivery to the other side of the world in only three days, or if there is a problem, we are not being told by the buyer so have been left unaware of problems until after non-removable neutral feedback has been left.  Without communication, we don't know if there's a problem, so please talk to us - we don't bite!  If your item hasn't arrived (check www.royalmail.com for delivery times for how long your item should take to arrive from the UK with you), then please tell us!  We ensure items receive the correct paperwork to get through customs, that items are properly described, air mail stickers attached for priority service, and to try to avoid our customers being landed with customs charges as much as possible.  Helpful advice is always welcome.

We are also still selling on Bonanzle, Ecrater and Folksy, although the range is smaller as these are more specialised market places.

BACK IN STOCK AT LAST!! Guatamalan Worry Dolls - and even better, we have managed to source these as Fair Trade items where the traditional Mayan workers are paid a fair living wage for their work.

We are currently putting together a Facebook page which will contain up to date news, a section on properties of gemstones, the new arrivals, latest news etc.

At the moment, it is still early days, but you can find the bare bones of the page here:

Find us on Facebook

5th May 2010

Things have been extremely busy lately so apologies for no recent update. However, the great news is that we have now brought out a great range of fun, humorous and original t-shirts.  These will be added to the website in the near future, but in the meantime, the ever-increasing range can be found at the following place:

new t-shirt range

Please note however that the t-shirts that are more of an adult nature can only be viewed on this site by registering a credit card with them, to prevent them being viewed by minors.

16th January 2010

2009 was an amazing year for Madcatwoman Enterprises.  First, we were one of three local finalists in The Mall's Make Your Mark competition, for new businesses in the area. We followed this up with opening a shop in town on a six month trial basis.  Finally, we launched a lot of new lines in time for Christmas, and have been absolutely run off our feet ever since! The Christmas season was totally insane, and with all hands on deck, and we managed to get every single item ordered for Christmas out on time, with almost 100% being sent out within two working days of an order being placed.

We have lots of brilliant plans for the coming year.  

The first change of the new year is that we have now stopped trading on Ebid auction site.  In spite of Madcatwoman Enterprises plugging this site in excess of five years, it hasn't resulted in any extra trade coming our way.  It is sad when the only advertising an auction site gets is from its sellers, when the site's owners were not prepared to put the same amount of effort and money into publicising their own site. Also, more restrictions were being brought in so often that we felt we were no longer valued as sellers (who also promoted the site in online forums, surveys etc), so reluctanctly we closed our online store there and removed all our auctions.

We are hoping to work on a new range of items to put on Zazzle and other  similar sites in the Spring. 

We are working hard at pulling together the new wholesale section of the site which will be open shortly. We have had lots of new tumblestones come in which we need to categorise, we have a couple of new pirate-related items to add to the site, and a lot of promotional items which have sold brilliantly on Ebay this Christmas.  We are also looking at the possibility of bringing out a range of original and novel designs - but only when we have a spare minute or two!

We are also currently creating a brochure/catalogue which we are hoping will be released in late Spring, where all our items can be sold to people who prefer to deal with companies offline or who don't have internet access.

So, there is an awful lot going off this year, and we'll keep you updated about it all.

6th August 2009

Some cute jewellery items coming over the next couple of days, including "Cute 'n' Kitsch" range (think skulls, glow-in-the-dark, handpainted wooden beads, dolly mixture, cute fish or dice items), unofficial Severus Snape bracelets and necklaces, unofficial Twilight bracelets, all handmade and designed by Madcatwoman Enterprises and not available anywhere else.  Also "Let's Go Retro", a small range of 1980s-style earrings (the decade that taste forgot) based on Sandra@madcatwoman's own 80's collection!



1st April 2009

It has been a busy few days on our two week stint at The Mall, but here are some photographs of our Madcatwoman Enterprises stand there.









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